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Jul '06

beauty in eye of beholder

so what makes poetry, “poetry”?
who cares, why does it matter
poets earn their own degree

what makes poetry “good”?
who cares, why does it matter
“good” if it speaks to you and makes you brood

when you have to minimize, crystallize and immortalize
provocate with choice morsels, phrasings, musings and disguise
that both poet and poetee can relate
that to me is when poetic connection is made

for example, what is it with “rams and roms”
pour moi, rambling longterm memories, temp rompings without tomtoms
et voila – besides I have rubrics of anthologies in the making
love bytes:romings & ramblings,windmills of my mind, autumn ramblings
excerpts of which I shall tantalize thee on this “travelogue” blog
spawning further fissions and fusions, visions and missions together to log

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