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Nov '08

hello wind

halloween came and went
with rain descent
bye bye black october
morning has broken in november
taipan-infused brunch fueling ramrom hour

first on mind as i scribe
click a cat stevens i-tune ripe
i listen to the wind
to the wind of my soul
where i’ll end up
only God really knows
where His music takes me
that’s where my heart goes

a year ago i scribed a goal
to rake bible-in-a-year coal
so this morn the verse that’s the beacon
1 timothy 3:9 paul’s advice to the deacon
to hold “the mystery of the faith in a pure conscience”
that’s hard for human apprehension
thus is living-life-on-faith tension

whoa, where do u go
when u don’t want no one to know
who told tomorrow
tuesday’s dead?

don’t forget to vote
this coming tuesday is not dead yet
or is it?

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