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Nov '08

song of ramrom

o me gosh, last day of november is upon us
losses of sorts to reflect and nurse
mama howard got her sleep bliss ringing eternal thanksgiving bell
and today, the first advent (4th sunday before christmas) fell

i missed the last episodes of project runway while in the canada
but gained precisely all back when i serendipitously clicked on bravo re-runs yesterday, brava
then despite many failed attempts to view mamma mia chick flick with gno “aunties”
jk burned me a copy today, so another gain in my trove of bounties

yes, advent is about divine love gift free for all hanging on the Christmas tree
the best things in life indeed are free
thanks pc for the reminder, with sam cooke and u, i agree
also free for thee is this ramrom brie

moon belongs to everyone
the best things in life they’re free
stars belong to everyone
they glitter there for you and for me

and yes abba, i have a dream which is free, a song to sing
to help me cope with anything
if u see the wonder of a fairy tale
u can take the future even if u fail

i have a dream, a fantasy
to help me through reality
and my destination makes it worth the while
pushing through the darkness still another mile

o mamma mia, i believe in angels
something good in everything i see
i believe in angels
i know when the time is right for me
i’ll cross the stream – i have a dream

you’re in the mood for a dance
and when u get the chance…
u can dance, u can jive, having the time of your life
see that girl, watch that scene, diggin’ the dancing queen

i’m flying free
take a chance on me
gonna do my very best and it ain’t no lie
if u put me to the test, if u let shirliie try

i work all night, i work all day, to pay the bills i have to pay
ain’t it sad
and still there never seems to be a single penny left for me
that’s too bad
in my dreams i have a plan

money, money, money
must be funny
in the rich man’s now-lost world
money, money, money
always sunny
in the rich man’s now-broken world

all the things I could do
but u know the best things in life are free so i don’t need money
cos’ i have Him, honey

steve nash, a pro basketball player who’s already got the money says:
“it doesn’t take a lot to make me happy
i like to work out
i like to play ball
i like to spend time with my friends
i like to make myself better every day
i like to try to learn
it doesn’t take money to do that…”

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