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Mar '07

proseuchomai kairos

first i ate i went i fell
then mom ate mom went mom fell
mike went mike saw mike fell
today tommy went tommy ate tommy fell
what is the meaning of it all, pray tell?

least i could do is wipe the blood and proseuchomai kairos
called on divine intercession after tim sum nostimos

life is fragile, slip slidin’ is easy
cherish and keep good vibes busy

wise men say only fools rush in
periodically we can’t help falling
like a river flows, surely to the sea
some things are meant to be

please help us we’re falling
again to U, we’re calling
close the door to temptation
don’t let us wallow in condemnation

are U waking us up with a thud?
to tell us what’s good for our soul and heart?

proseuchomai kairos, give nico and kay a break
give tommy a new life brake for his sake
bless us and nico to pylos Your resurrection to intake

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One Response to “proseuchomai kairos”

  1. Deedee Morton Says:


    I saw your picture in my ASC annual as I browsed it in preparation for the upcoming alumnae weekend and remembered you fondly. In looking you up on the Alumnet – what a wonderful treat to find and explore your web site. Thank you – for your poetry, the links, and the picture into your soul.

    Blessing to you,