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Dec '08


today marked an interesting confluence of dots
i was in the mood to lose time in music of sorts
after last night’s family game of scrabble
“can i peek your music playlist”, a ramrom ramble
for music to scramble

lo and behold when i woke up this morning
after listening to “straight no chaser” a capella group crooning
jk’s playlist in my i-tune library magically a-looming
some 8000 pickings a-glistening, my eyes a-beaming
most of which prime for meandering and discovering

the one which perked ramrom’s ears was a duo called thievery corporation
their “the richest man in  babylon” musical rendition
of  george clason 1927 book edition
a culmination
of pamphlets series on basic financial management compilation
converted to a series of financial parables set in ancient babylon nation
book containing basic tenets of how to get ahead financially in any time
not just in babylonian times or in the 1920s sublime
…..i related fit for today’s refracting rhyme

story is about a regular babylonian cad named arkad
stories around this titular richest man in babylon how to control greed to be had
who used some basic financial sense and built up a great deal of wealth, isn’t this timely rad?
amid backdrop of bankrupt fannie, freddie, captains of auto industry and madoff ponzi that went bad

ramrom connects to today’s quote of day
into my inbox did stray
how befitting from american businessman-speaker-author harvey mackay

“being rich isn’t about money.
being rich is a state of mind.
some of us, no matter how much money we have,
will never be free enough to take time
to stop and eat the heart of the watermelon.
and some of us will be rich
without ever being more than a paycheck ahead of the game.”

george clason’s book is perfect if u learn by reading the experiences of others
their plunders and blunders
most interesting story is about “7 cures for a lean purse

1. start thy purse to fattening by setting aside one-tenth of what u earn for the future
2. control thy expenditures; don’t spend beyond what u can suture
3. make thy gold multiply, ah the familiar ring of money maketh money
don’t stash in mattresses when u can double, triple and quadruple the honey
4. guard thy treasure from loss – u should only invest in things where the principal is safe
i recall the infamous 1% rule, an old fave of prudence rave
particularly interesting given that book was written in 1927, and in 1929 the stock market caved
5. make of thy dwelling a profitable investment-but we know when we become overspending slave
6. insure a future income for retirement and to pass on when passed, to posthumously claim u gave
7. increase thy ability to earn-criminals who squandered our hard-earned savings, why we them save?

let’s connect back to thievery corporation
a washington dc-based recording artist and dj duo collaboration
consisting of rob garza and eric hilton
speaking up on sins and follies of capitalistic-democratic kingdom

here is lyric extract of “the richest man in babylon

there is no guidance in your kingdom
your wicked walk in babylon
there is no wisdom to your freedom
the richest man in babylon
your beggars sleep outside your doorway
your prophets leave to wonder on
u fall asleep at night with worry
the saddest man in babylon
the wicked stench of exploitation
hangs in the air and fingers on
beneath the praise and admiration
the weakest man in babylon
there is no hope left in your kingdom
your servants have burned all their songs
nobody here remembers freedom
the richest man in babylon

ramrom connects to don mclean
singing psalm 137:1

by the waters
the waters
of babylon.

we lay down and wept
and wept
for thee Zion.

we remember
thee remember
thee remember
thee Zion

and to wrap it all up for the reason for the season, here’s the real christmas wealth tree
check the biblical story of Jesus and the wealthy pharisee nicodemus in book of john chapter 3

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