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Mar '07

God of the marching centuries

wow, we’re marching into march
hotstuff scotty memories ignited to starch
rains of past days, soil to quench
now in sunshine, my poetry to drench

astral travel to days i owe
liberal arts foundation for future to grow
cherishing the learning gifts bestowed
doors opened by my curiosity to know
asc profs imparted teachings aglow

from pepperdene who ignited chaucer in me
to burnside, patterns in music to see

from brooking, speak the speech theatrics
to mills on mead, kibbutz, koinonia rubrics

from weber, independent study of galbraith vs veblen
to behan, dabbling logical deduction of heaven

from mckemie to physically charge my morning glory
golfing mcconnell, sync swim manuel, darling pas de deux story
campbell to trace back my asian history

von steubing wer got me competing in dionysia at clemson
to pepe introducing duccio, da vinci to pollocking jackson
mcgehee drew out my inner self with twig and ink to exhibition

agnes scott honored me to uphold honor code
gave me fibres of tensile strength to stay upright, any road or abode

hear convocation strains from presser hall
stand tall whatever our call

God of the marching centuries
Lord of the passing years
leading a people’s victories
sharing a people’s tear
seal us now we worship Thee
here on this moment’s height
star of the way our fathers found
be still our guiding Light

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