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Mar '07

las mañanitas

i feel the earth move under my feet
i feel the years come tumbling down
i feel my heart miss a beat
whenever fluff’s around

oh dearie, when i see your radiant face
mellow memories graze, never to erase
may you enjoy this special day
let your hair down and have it your way

estas son las mananitas
que cantaba el rey david
hoy por ser dia de tu santo
te las cantamos asi

despierta, mi bien, despierta!
mira que ya amanecio
que linda esta la manana en que vengo a saludarte

feliz cumpleanos pc
hope it was aeiou ritzy


2 Responses to “las mañanitas”

  1. Patricia Campos Says:

    Dearest Churley….

    What an honor to have my BD published! While reading I could actually hear the tingling of the ivories and your melodious voice ringing out Las Mananitas!
    I was so delighted with the BD call and the e-card but little did I know I would be included in Shirley’s adventures.
    Thanks my dear friend for the years of love and laughs and most of all for the luck of landing in fluff city.
    You’re a star!
    As ever,

  2. churley Says:

    like fine wine vintage, u-AN-me
    it’s in the stars and meant-to-be