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Dec '08

happy birthday J&j

come gather round people
help jenny celebrate her 50th, it’s no riddle
she’s a benjamin, at end of the “yangtze” fiddle
now sliding down the 2nd half century of life’s steeple

her sisters and I, and many of u have past this marker
so what wisdom to impart, this bard began to ponder
for starters, i can only draw from experience and what flows in my rapping veins to convey what’s in store
and google for inspiration for some thing worthwhile to say and bore

first, when u begin to realize you’re 50 you become numb
wow, what did i do with my talents all this time, smart and dumb
then, i extrapolate, suppose i live another fifty years
what worthwhile gears do i engage, what to convert, how to conquer new fears
how will i know, what will i show
what’s rightly purposeful, i need to harken the inner whisper for His glory to glow

source: wikipedia

i began imagining what life would be like without me in pottersville
do i really matter, have i fulfilled God’s plan, is this all narcissistic endeavor, the ego to fill
how to fill years ahead, what to celebrate, learn and feel
what will further patmos sojourns reveal
how His instrument to become and deal before i keel

all i can say thus far
God keeps raising the bar
but He’ll keep u in divine love and grace to draw strength from, to play the cards you’re dealt
so give it your all and run the race well to the very end, till from this earthly life we melt

the “yangtze” flowed into my path for a reason
a vignette in life’s meanderings, i am blessed and standing here now to ramble with sweat a-glisten
thank u most eleanor for your kindness shown
taking me into your nashville home one asc christmas break many moons ago, the goodness was sown

jenny, i wish thee wonderful blessings to come as u walk to the next unknown
what a christmas gift u are to those that love u and God-willing, many more bright candles to be blown

a joyful 50th birthday
and i sincerely pray
the good Lord bless u and us all years to come, all the way

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