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Apr '07

yanni thursday

back to silicon pace where we came from
tomorrow at high noon, we’d be gone
but while the moon is bright
dream of our return through the night
no one knows
life comes and goes
santorini sunset
goodbye, santorini and grecian play
who could hang a view on u?
when u change with every new day
still we’re gonna miss u…

don’t question why we all need to go on such a spree
to keep one’s sanity, it’s the only way to be
we just can’t be chained
to a life where nothing’s gained
and nothing’s lost
at such a cost
goodbye yanni of golden rust
greeks certainly know how to have a blast
we enjoyed your warm hellenistic embrace
gonna miss your sense of time and place

there’s no time to lose, i heard delfi say
catch your dreams before they slip away
dying all the time
lose your dreams
and you will lose your mind
ain’t life unkind?

goodbye, yanni thursday
who could hang a name on u?
when you change with every new day
still we’re gonna miss u…

cos’ we’re leaving on a jetplane
don’t know when we’ll be back again
stars willing, we’ll be heading to pylos terrain
in due time to peloponnese, nico …all is not in vain

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