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Dec '08

waltzing pearlita

wow, a blessed visit from one of 8 cousins residing in down under
into ramrom’s hotel california, today sea pearl and family did wander
nathan and simone had no idea they had an aunt of ebullient pedigree
united by a piece of grandmere in all of us in the family tree
our hubbies had no clue what lurks in the history about to set free

we had a jolly time down at silicon valley’s billabong
under the shade of our silver birch tree
we laughed and we ate and we drank coffee on the boil
cousins came a-waltzing with ramrom and me

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One Response to “waltzing pearlita”

  1. Bee Chin Yeoh Says:

    Hi Shirley,

    Saw your name in Agnes Scott’s Class News, with a reference to your blog. Remember me? “Ah Chin”, Soon Siew Lean’s neighbour. You were a Junior in ASC when I was a Freshman.

    U’re such a prolific poet ….and I am so tempted to analyse you based on your works. So far, I gather u have found God. You might want to have a discourse with Lean on this. haha.