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Jan '09


what a week
despite a sudden back crick
yahoogroup and linkedin community building tricks to lick
chicago musical, cantor arts and chico social uptick

thanks paul to share
robin mckenzie’s “treat your own back”, how back2care
lord lordosis, the inward curve in lower back to protect and spare
i found out jan13 if u lose lordosis, spasm attacks
slouching posture and sitting too long yielded crippling smacks
thanks to literal “backsupport” divine hotline appealed
lordosis is restored and healed

and what a pilot chelsey spectacle
hope rekindled, what refreshing miracle
plane winding up safely on the hudson
us airways with count of 155-person
on flight 1549
all alive and fine
hmm…mere birds bringing down man-made bird
humbling squeals of last resort to the Supernatural One were heard
a different kind of lordosis to lord one’s destiny spurt

apropos reflection wrapping up the week today
pbcc bernand bell’s revealing genesis 3:8-13 part 2 of eden play
the first sin passed down, first act of wrong choice
vs today’s sermon on “hearing God’s voice”

in eden began human inclination to succumb to serpent
eyes opened to good and evil, a perilous descent
losing lordosis vital dent
now we have to choose the right bent
for a life well-spent
or to choose slouch
be a crouching grouch
or choose His love to vouch

wiki source

in-a-gadda-da-vida, honey,
don’t u know that I love u?
in-a-gadda-da-vida, baby,
don’t u know that I’ll always be true?

o, won’t u come with me
and take my hand?
please take My hand!

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