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Feb '09


goodbye to u, our beloved mere
you’ve tended us with your loving care
you taught us how to strive and dare
bad company to avoid, bargirls to beware
earn our keep, make our mark and not to swear

goodbye my mere, it’s hard to say goodbye
but a life confined is no life, leaving u high and dry
now that the cold nip is in the air
northern lights beckon, snow is everywhere
now we see pure heart a twinkling star in pure land over there

we will be known forever by the tracks we leave…..american indian proverb


2 Responses to “okuribito”

  1. leemin Says:

    It’s very a touching poem.
    what a wonderful way to remember a loved one.

  2. Norma Olmos Says:

    She will always be remembered in you. I would like to thank her for that gift.