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Jun '07

of petals and people

just checked email and something triggered the pen
another inspiring moment to share and ripple
skated from steinback’s mice and men
to lucid lucado’s pond of petals and people

it sourced from today’s “thought for the day”
from revelation 21:4, every tear God will wipe away
no more death, sadness, crying or pain
fruitless earthly gain, all in vain

posing “what have u done today to avoid death?”
popped pills? pumped pecks?
passed on the pie? soothing baths to slow breath?
pursued polyunsaturates? feel good shopping to fill closet racks?

reminding us we are not made of steel but of dust
more like iron which gathers rust and bust

faith is about in our Creator blindly trust
born to die cycle to go through we must
along the way, choose to believe in Heaven’s crust
or choose divine’s “lust in the dust”

full fathom five, thy father lies

death’s knell will ring
hell or heaven to bring
while alive do the right thing
1 corinthians 15:55 o death where is thy sting?

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