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Apr '09

magnifique 7 tao

today marked 77th swim, since i began a battle of the bulge
averaging 0.7 minute a lap pace to enjoy and indulge
unwavering 70 laps per session goal i did keep
to-date a total of 77 miles to rip and reap
a reward of 7teen pounds less, the scale did beep

spring still vacillating between winter chill and summer heat
like world in turmoil, nature’s lost its beat
past 7 months’ gift of time flew at frenzy clip
spiked by 7 life blips, now reflecting to sip

first we were bereft when john suddenly left
then maryanne upon thanksgiving blew her last breath
that thanksgiving week, i cramped for CIA exams and passed
followed by jk’s pomp and circumstance, it came to pass
then mother got spared further suffering in feb
7-weeks (49-days) later end of march, a closure fab
topping as magnificent 7th – recent trip to vegas, fun moments to grab
friendships rekindled, good eats, jersey boys, phantom of opera, a 7th heaven wrap

120-las-vegas-apr16-068r1045-las-vegas-apr15-firefly-005r phantom-r2

matthew 7:7 comforting cue
ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you

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