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Jul '06

happy birthblog

hard to believe the blog is one week old
even used, is it collecting new mould?
if cheesy, mould can be a good thing
so l guess, i will continue to zing

blame yesterday’s stanzas on the heat
scrambled bleats as rational juices deplete
brain cried as it got fried and dried
to emit matters of the heart, it tried

now couch travelling to granville island with rudy maxa
up in vancouver, “diva at the met” tastes sabrosa
rainbow seaweed in victoria??!
and por supuesto, butchart gardens to cheer

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One Response to “happy birthblog”

  1. Mason Says:

    Shirley you are amazing, both a financial genius and a talented poet!! They are not supposed to go together but you pulled it off. Very impressive!!! With love, Mason