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Apr '09

memento mori

stumbled upon mental floss today
ripe to prevent ramrom decay
8th annual “10” issue
exfoliated latin tissue

i zeroed in on phrase number 9 gory
remember u must die – “memento mori”
fit to claim ramrom title glory
for it tells a good story

“u can interprete the phrase in two ways”
eat, drink, and party down faze or amaze
“or, less hedonistically, be good so u can get past the pearly gates
forgo temporal pleasures in favor of eternal bliss in heaven,” it grates
the phrase also served to prevent swelling heads
plebians whispering “memento mori” into roman soldiers’ ears
to keep their egos in check, ouch such sharp spears

humble stumble
human lives crumble
humans fumble
only way for life to rumble
is through the One that rose from death’s tumble
an easter mumble


because He lives, i can face tomorrow
because He lives, all fear is gone
because i know He holds the future
and life is worth the living
just because He lives

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