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May '09

mutter-mutti mutter

200px-americangigiposter yes maurice, thank heavens for little girls
some of us grow up to be mother pearls
came across this on the internet
irresistable ramrom touch to get set

bee-on-dk-pink-rose (sally’s shot in wee perth garden)

a man stopped at a flower shop to order flowers for mother’s day
to be sent to his mother who lived two hundred miles away

as he got out of his car, he noted a young girl sitting on the curb sobbing
“what’s wrong?” he asked, his heart a-throbbing, his mind absorbing
“i wanted to buy a red rose for my mother
but i only have 75 cents…a rose costs two dollars” she muttered

the man smiled and said, “come on in with me…i’ll buy you a rose.”
so he did  just that plus ordered his own mother’s flowers, nothing verbose

as they were leaving, he offered the girl a ride home
“yes, please! u can take me to my mother’s dome”
she directed him to a cemetery, placing the rose on freshly dug grave loam
an epiphany with aplomb, the man back to the flower shop did roam

he cancelled the floral send order, it was clear what to do
picked up a bouquet instead, mother’s love to rightly woo
driving two hundred miles to his mother’s house, love in person to coo

357px-madonna_col_bambino_palazzo_medici_riccardi_filippo_lippi to all mothers out there, a happy mothers day moo!


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