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May '09

relishing sundae 순대

reminiscing neverending party stretch
enduring blessed “life is good” match

still basking in the delight
of the party last friday night
so wonderfully fed
so warmly cared
a divine time had
with special friends bred
thank u most
to timtee host
for the birthday toast
l’chaim – together we coast!

now still relishing “jang su jang” korean sunday lunch treat
then we got intro’d to “kyo po” supermarket before home retreat
there we sampled “soondae” for the first time
a blutwurst stuffed with dangmyeon, an acquired taste sublime

230px-koreanfood-sundae-01 wiki

also rewinding last night’s treat with gno subset
indulged in “the way of the world,” a restoration comedy act

now indulging myself on mother’s day to do what i love best
to reflect, refract and put connecting dots to test
as i whimsically weave patterns with witty  zest
if it hits pithy prolific crest
it deserves ramrom repose rest

unlike a 1corinthian13 love
“the way of the world” expresses a different kind of dove
william congreve, a british playwright bloke
a brilliant entanglement of relationships he stroked
all the world’s a stage players bearing names their characters evoked
pray tell, what does mirabell, petulant, wishfort, foible, fainall, waitwell satirically invoke?

the ludicracy of contracted love, his penmanship spoke
the shallowness of pursuing worldly love to poke
consumed in deception and infidelity like addictive coke
diving deep to expose sallow motives, congreve eloquently stoked

wayoftheworld2 in “way of the world” love is but a transaction
a gaming attraction and distraction
scheme a contraption well
dicey dance of dowry to ink, coffers and egos to swell
infidelity and love under pretense
instead of true armour of intense d’amour incense
there are strings attached
pockets not hearts to be matched
schemes upon wishfort to be hatched
and hatch a patch to oust fainall wretch

recoiling pearls from sir walter scott
in epic poem “marmion”, famous stanzas sought
“o, what a tangled web we weave
when first we practise to deceive!
but when we’ve practised quite a while
how vastly we improve our style”

indeed the way of the world
around deception twirl
temptations abound and swirl
beguiling mind and heart to curl

ah, sabbath
rejuvenating rest and rebirth
to dabble in rhyming mirth

melina mercouri crooning…
“and if u make it on a bleak day, a freak day or a week day
well u can be my guest
but never ever on a sunday, my sundae, the one day
i need a little rest”

connecting to genesis 2:3 a-swooning…
then God blessed the 7th day and sanctified it,
because in it He rested from all His work which God had created and made

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