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May '09

gone ski-ing

today’s quote
is catalyst for today’s gloat

from lou holtz
american football coach
2008 college football hall of fame he did encroach

quotes he,
with sting of bee:

“ability is what you’re capable of doing
motivation determines what you do
attitude determines how well you do it”

so then
ramrom to append and apprehend

what shapes our attitudes?
a whole array of values and rectitudes
me thinks its attributes
are embodied in the beautitudes

beautitudes-russian wiki: beautitudes, russian orthodox icon

shifting to a different altitude
just got off phone with canuck goon and gleaned this platitude
befitting the place we find ourselves right now
trying to redefine and refine retirement with a bow

the magic acronym for this enlightened phase
is “ski” – spending kid’s inheritance with grace
and be mindful to direct praise
to Providence who owns it all anyway, the rightful place

so next blog entries shall bemuse
adventures of  “gone ski-ing” to amuse

a ramrom chime

gone-fishing ski-ing, rather… for real…check below


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