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Sep '06

second cup brews

saw sim aka pure heart
good to see you get out of the rut
with each day you’ve sparkled more
as you emit pure heart energy from your core

the gusto you chomped those peeled grapes
french fries, fried rice, chocolate ice-cream intakes
asking questions and directions give
every word we savored to hear you live

ooh pure, pure heart
has made us laugh and weep
you tried life blips to impart
and went to restful sleep
ooh pure, pure heart we all dearly love you
thank you for the precious moments few

i got that peaceful, easy feeling
over my brew at second cup the eagles strain
this voice in my ears pinging
it tells me i may never see you again

matthew 5:8 comfort sought
blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God

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Sep '06

woe to beta amyloids


strumming her void with my fingers
trying to fill it back with dingers
days of struggle her courage overcome
helping others, always on the run

but now, what is this life even if full of care
time has no meaning to stand and stare
eating herself till bones and skin bare
killing her softly, ma mere

would you know my name
when you open your eyes
it hurts to know you’re not the same
beta amyloids have robbed you of every life spice

synapse loss
memories toss
self no longer boss


i must be strong, your spunk to carry on
God be your refuge, to Him you belong

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Sep '06

creating shalom communities

exodus 20 commands godly fear and reverance
beyond 10 commandments, it bears relevance
to inject shalom to build the larger israel
each be agent of peace in the midst of human trial

inner peace and between 2 entities
covering relationships broad to communities
within him, man and God, man and man
the love and care of our Lord to fan

this triggered my ears to strain
a youthful bahai utopic (euthiopic?) refrain

a plea for one world
is heard in many different lands
this is a plea for a world that is hungry for peace
let all man live to together
happily, all kinds of weather
singing a song of peace

interesting common bond, in hebrew shalom
in arabic and euthiopian-semitic languages, salaam

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Sep '06


today’s juggernaut
is discovery on argonaut
in anne lindbergh’s “gift from the sea”
life stages using shell analogy

argonauta is a good place to be
synonymous with personhood harmony
“personal” relationship philosopher macmurray delves
one which people enter as persons with the whole of themselves
that are not self-serving and have no ulterior motive
transcending all values type of relationship locomotive

unlike an oyster clinging on the rock to define and survive
the argonauta can leave well-tracked beaches and chartless adventures thrive
yes, it resonates well with my soul
liberated by a spiritual compass towards fulfilling life’s goal

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Sep '06

sheepish rumination

the infamous psalm 23 was today’s teaching
upon my woolly ears it was reaching
moses gave 5 books of law; david 5 books of psalms
and within psalm 23, three interesting crumbs

He is referred as a 3rd person Shepherd first 3 verses
shifts to 2nd person as we His sheep fumble in dark places
and the last, 6th verse reverts back triumphantly to 3rd person as Lord
in His house to dwell after we cut our earthly pen cord?


in God’s green pastures feeding
by His cool waters lie
soft in the evening
walk my Lord and i
all the sheep of His pasture
fare so wondrously fine
His sheep am i

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Sep '06

from a distance

from a distance, it torments to watch your pain
let God comfort you, you did not live your life in vain


if not for you, we couldn’t find the door
to the future now our present from before
couldn’t even see the floor
we’d be thrown askew
if not for you

if not for you
our sky would fall
rain would gather too
without your care
burdens to bear
we’d be lost
at great cost
if not for you


from a distance, mother be in harmony bliss
let peace and rest reign for the time at hand
hear the voice of hope, hear the voice of peace
hear the voice of God of everyman

from a distance, we all have enough
you’ve done your part, you’ve farmed the seed
you did swell, no longer need to wrestle and be tough
no more hungry mouths to feed

God is watching us, God is watching us
God is watching us from a distance

it’s the hope of hopes, it’s the love of loves
this is a song from thine four births
be at peace mother
you did your best
now let us love you back and caress your rest

Sep '06


from documentary on channel 68
learned about hypoxia yesterday late
means a state of low level of oxygen
often linked with “near death” vantage turn

floating in the air
could be jubiliant or in despair
either that bright light, oh so warm and inviting
or on fringes of hell, darkness forces pulling
for dannion brinkly 3 times the grim reaper tried to attack
but each time, no dannion, you must go back

rewind back to 1968 or so i recall
on way back from meeting at gospel hall
a black car hit me, from the bicycle i fall
image of Jesus flash, take me, i call

then a spark of bright light
knocked me out alright
momentarily floating seeing me lying on grass
surrounded by people and juliana but no morass
before i knew it, in hospital i lay
looking back, a hypoxia experience, i now can say

every breath you take
every move you make
every bond you break
every smile you fake
book of life entries you bake

oh can’t you see
you belong to Him
so don’t treat gift of life with whim
que sera sera vs what His will will be

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lunch obladi oblada

part I – aug 1, 2006
desmona had a job, now in the marketplace
gerry just celebrated 25 years of ibm pace
desmona says to gerry ain’t no time for him to quit
cos’ my hunt to be busy again ain’t complete

obladi, oblada, life with work must go on
chimes a haunt, there’s no need to be forlorn
jarring words, don’t let work define thy worth
while waiting for godot, might as well mirth to birth

desmona takes a break at hampton beach
once a year, sister pat and dad in ny to reach
soak in the sun and have some hoity-toity fun
sorry gerry, just me-and-pat has long begun

for 35 years they have built a home sweet home
now the girls have grown, where in life to roam?
desmona loves to design event dinnerware
listen to that inner fanfare, does she dare?

obladi, oblada
life with work must go on…
patati, patata
only once a life can be born

part II – sep 8, 2006
tgif let’s lunch at chef chu’s
see what fortune cookie we can choose
recounting highland inn and coming tiberon fun
charles schwab and soap opera on hp dunn

obladi oblada
life with work must go on
patati patata
we hope for a happy garden song

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Sep '06

25 or 6 to 4

waiting for the break of day
searching for something to say
yet so far, yet so near
visions of ailing mother dear

flashing lights against the sky
how we’ve lived may answer earthly why
soul giving up when we eternally close our eyes
where to, who hears its cries

staring blindly into space
getting up to splash my face
wanting just to stay awake
wondering how much i can take

should i try to do some more
25 or 6 to 4

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Sep '06

tim sum

today’s gleaning is from james
chapter 2 verse 26 quips that “faith without deeds is dead”
actions speak louder than words it proclaims
for a man’s faith is made complete by what he did, not what was said

we had said to neighbors john and dana
a brunch of “heart dots” is divine manna

so to pantao we’ll soon head
says taipan, life without good eats is dead

we’ve traveled halfway ’round the world
to find ourselves in los altos curled
and look how far we’ve come
recall tim sum at haloman

so far from where we used to be
but not so far that we’ve forgotten
how it was before, how we broaden
how we had conversations and tea

september morn
do you remember how we ate our lives away
food gourmands playing scenes from “how-not-to-lose-weight-but-gain-love” play
september morning still can make me feel that way

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Sep '06


the germans have it
2 words in 1 long soundbyte meet
vergangenheits is the past
bewaltigung is management, mastering the mast

compressed together
struggle to come to terms with past matter
live with consequences of dark chapters of past rust
life’s collected dust

dust in the wind
all we are is dust in the wind

galatians 6:7 has another way of slaying it, here it goes
a man reaps what he sows
not counting spaces, 19 letters in biblical wisdom prose
vs 25 letters used, the germans machen ein wort gross

quotes pastor and author charles swindoll
life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we respond to it all
world according to sk says about life game and aim
life hands us different trump cards; how we play them out, lights our flame

at the bewitching end
the cpu breaks down and begins to rend
all fears and tears come to roost
a bit too late then to conquer demons let loose

so my friend
don’t wait till the end
conquer demons now, plant seeds of love and joy
positive karma to deploy

sowing in the morning
sowing seeds of kindness
sowing in the noontide
and the dewy eve
waiting for the harvest
and the time of reaping
we shall come rejoicing
bringing in the sheaves

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Sep '06

try to remember

try to remember
the kind of september
when you learned to bike
bold enough to tell someone to take a hike

try to remember
love smoldering amber
the first kiss
a heartbeat miss
to be dumped and to dump
first disco coke and rum

try to remember
sweet surrender
floating on a cloud
receiving a prize proud
collecting stuff for jumble sale
counting jelly fish when ferry to butterworth sail

try to remember
the childish pranks i now shudder
lighting up firecracker in can to blast the new year
screams elicited in the cemetery under moonlight clear

try to remember
on guitar, folk songs to render
gurney drive strolls, “you-can’t help going for a walls” ice-cream
campbell street shopping and faraway lands for hope and dream

rest your head on flashback pillow
and sweet bliss hollow will follow and fallow….

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