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Feb '10

ramrom raps

it is done, it is out
so, what is ramrom raps about?

3725255cc_front_cover-360x540 is an anthology of introspective poetic
musings that capture the essence of the author’s life journey in “thirds.”
The author believes everyone is a life poet at heart wanting out.
She shares how she uses poetry-writing as a crystallizing process
to unveil authenticity and to invoke others to self-examine their
raison d’être
and to harness joie de vivre.

RAMROM RAPS inspires you to:

self-evaluate your life journey to glean wisdom for better steering ahead
tap the power of aligning your authentic self to life choices made
prioritize choices for a meaningful life as different stages in and out fade

PURCHASE online on Amazon.com or Barnes & Noble

Also Available on lulu.com
via this LINK if you like your very own copy or to give to someone to enjoy!

Feb '10

paws-perity pause

it’s rare
lunar tiger and valentine same day share
followed by president’s day and alberta family day holidays spare
falling into ramrom reflective snare


a pause
for prosperity applause
just because
countering human tendency to nurse only loss

for it’s plain in human plane
to complain in pain
rather than thanksgiving to celebrate gain

how prosperous
to be able to enjoy friendship pure
through thick and thin together endure

how treacherous
to live out living moments without buckling to pressure
anchored in infallible Rock, a life to treasure

how preposterous
to have health and working for meaningful cause
even without, to rejoice silver linings instead of gathering moss

how marvellous
each uniquely formed and anointed with different gifts
equipped to handle peaks, valleys and rifts

how humorous
just one night
with no curb of rain in sight
we reined in entertainment plight
to montalvo arts center we took flight
to endure 37 shakespeare plays condensed
endorphin released, seratonin dispensed

how amorous
to have noel coward’s insight
to expose lovers’ plight
as “private livesfight in flight and fright


how prosperous
to have a way out
what upcoming ash wednesday and easter is all about
from jeremiah 29:11 spout “for I know the plans I have for u…
plans to prosper u and not to harm u, to give u
a future and a hope”,
to grope as we slide slippery slope
what prosperous cue

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