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Apr '08

ac-dc recharging

recapitulating 2 back2back “retreats” time-off…

ac >>>> women’s retreat in asilomar, california
dc >>>> as in washington, dc

130. Sun 13 Apr ’08 blog entry that poofed

carmina sakura

chicago air blues written nov 28, 1974

snowed, slushy streets
the bus crawls
minutes fleet
gotta make it
a r.bannister feat
the very last minute

barely touching
the doors of the silver bird
she takes off to
another experience of…..

june 7, 1975

blasted, busted bag
oh heck
minutes crawl
gotta make it

thoughts spinning
over fear of contents spilling
fear of losing

silver bird waking
no, another hour
two more hours

when will it end
when will it land
air blues persist
like a maglignant disease

fast forward to april 10-16, 2008 trip to dc transiting chicago…

windy city airport blues revived
another chasing planes experience survived
missed connecting flight to dca-reagan, airblues soar
divine hotline responded with last dc flight via baltimore

no more
will i transit thru chicago o’hare i swore
no more
feel the pain of running gate-to-gate for boarding pass to score

i close my eyes and clearly my heart remembers
my third o’hare flight plight could never put out the embers

finally by 4am friday our exhausted bodies to lay
it was quite a “bad-air” day
since things delayed in san jose

nevertheless the things we do to view sakura blossoms galore
after tummy filled with a&j taiwanese grub, off to tidal basin explore
dropped in dome-shaped rotunda memorial housing 19-foot bronze jefferson

the 7.5-acred fdr memorial with statues , quotes, waterfalls was a history lesson

the annual parade yesterday closed sakura matsuri with brash
checked out the old post office when rain pellets crash
fast food ain’t that fast nor good, so transit-railed back to alexandria
after rest-up, to thai duangrats to get our real food criteria

slept in late and helped out consumer struggling with turbotax
writing user-intuitive tax software is perplexing hex
debate was hot and lunch was not
so early 5:30pm dinner at todai was the first meal we got
tomorrow is tim’s big moment to dot
why we’re really here to celebrate freedom fought and bought

131. Mon 14 Apr ’08

mmm..mm good

m is for monday
d-day has come for tim, nation’s facts to ready-relay

m is for momentous milestone
within 30-minutes, tim passed test, citizenship shown

m is for m street
in georgetown for a magnificent lunch treat
oysters, clams, lump crabcakes, kobe burger and sirloin sliders
with j.paul’s draft specials and mango cheesecake gliders

m is for mailing tax filing extension
tim racing to buy time to give tax computation more attention

m is perfect excuse for malaysian marathon meal
at kopi-tiam with bryan, some precious moments to seal
fried koay-kak, lamb satay, lobak, oyster omelette, curry-roti chanai to whet appetite
then hor-fun, nasi lemak, sambal okra, sambal udang, assam laksa, curry mee to excite

all in all, oy-vey
what a mmm..mm food day

tomorrow’s highlight
official swearing delight

132. Tue 15 Apr ’08

stand up

the road was long
with many a winding wear and tear
today with him, we got there
finally tim can singalong the song

this land is your land
this land is my land
from california
to the new york island

evoking our own journeys to get to where he got
fellow americans from h-1 days to pr to citizenship to cherish and forget-them-not
who crossed the english channel 3 times with us back2back within 12 hours
who availed their backyard for our wedding amidst dog barks, family, friends and flowers

yea, lee greenwood, we thank our lucky stars,
to be livin here today.
‘cause the flag still stands for freedom,
and they can’t take that away.
and i gladly stand up,
next to you and defend her still today.
‘cause there ain’t no doubt i love this land,
God bless the usa.

the beauty of america is reflected in the diverse cuisine partook
to wrap up today, off to annandale korean nook
checked out sorak garden, it was unbelievable hankuk
spicy beef tripe casserole, kalbi, seafood pancake, panchan – our tastebuds to hook

just one look
that’s all it took
5 stars to the cook
sorak made it to our black book

congrats tim
to realize a dream

thanks for dc memories of museums, monuments and memorials
for mmm…mm virginia magic moments and letting us share your holy grails and tales

today marks tax filing deadline
“the hardest thing in the world to understand is the income tax” says einstein
and it was benjamin franklin who said “nothing is certain but death and taxes:
but death isn’t annual”…the latter is unchangeable nexus

133. Thu 17 Apr ’08

homo conexus

well, stay with tim
meant entering his viewing beam
first, finally “300″ movie watched
how spartan courage against persians lodged

then, eyed book “jewtopia”
highly recommended for hilarious hernia

then while waiting for taipan to fix brunch
july-aug 2006 mit alum’s “technology review” to munch

attention perked
when article on tom perkins of class53 lurked
who “learned everything i know about venture capital from dave”
while sprouting early years in hp cave
who considered packard “the ultimate entrepreneur”
now gained stellar fame from being a great learner

in 34 years, kpcb invested in 475 companies
spawning 90billion revenues and 275000 job economies
of which 167 funded went public
among which amazon, aol, netscapes, genentech and google clique

next, “homo conexus” article caught my eye
“dodgeball truth” unveiled ie web2.0 is meant for gen y
how derived?

writer james fallows experimented to strive
living a web2.0-only life
by shifting life activities on internet drive
using gmail,gcalendar,voo2do,writely,babel fish,pandora,zillow,dodgeball crush2survive
that’s how “dodgeball truth” to arrive

looking back at progress
in some ways we advanced, in other ways we regressed

trading off human touch
when u substitute with e-clutch crutch
so, have we moved much?

134. Sun 20 Apr ’08

eshet hayil

great scott
to atlanta for 30th classwomen’s reunion, i did not
instead to asilomar i trot

whisper directed my heartbeat
choose pbcc women’s retreat
leave mainstream, flow with asilomar offbeat
courage to take spiritual stock, to replenish and accede

theme was centered on “eshet hayil”

– a woman of valor
king solomon’s proverbs 31 in 22-verse hebrew acrostic manner
with speaker merilyn copland unveiling the wraps
of how eshet hayil dances with God, His lead in steps

she nobly struts
with guts
to rumba out of ruts
dips and all
how far u think u will fall
a function of how deep your relationship with Him and call

for eshet hayil fears the Lord and relates with Him
which in turn drives her relationship with others, exuding intensity of His gleam

shelagh and i at workshop with ears attending
gerontologist magriet aka blueberry listener revealing
the healing
of unpeeling
life review story-telling
and art of deep listening

to navigate next course
reflecting and connecting is living and leaving legacy sauce

and climactic annaliese
with her locks-of-love release
for when u have the Lord, there’s nothing to miss

He’s callin’ out around the world
are u ready for a brand new beat?

He’s always there and the time is right
for dancing in the street

oh it doesn’t matter what u wear
just as long your soul to bare

valori, swirl and twirl
ev’rywhere around the world

we”ll be dancing, dancing in the street
to a better place and Him meet

this entry is dedicated to my biweekly valory pbcc sisters….

we could have danced all night!
we could have danced all night!
and still have begged for more.
we could have spread our wings
and done a thousand things,
we’ve never done before.
we’ll never know what made it so exciting;
why all at once, our hearts took flight.

i only know when He
began to dance with me
i could have danced,
danced, danced all night!

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